Payment Policy

Financial & Payment Policy for Wayne Health Physicians

Wayne Health Physicians is committed to making top quality medical professionals and healthcare services accessible to Wayne County, NC and our surrounding communities. With this in mind, we strive to offer clear communication and counseling for our patient financial services and paying your physician practice bill.

Financial Transparency is Our Goal

When it comes to health care, we know that determining medical costs can be complicated. At Wayne Health Physicians, we are committed to transparency about our costs. For patients who need help estimating the cost of a service or procedure before receiving care, please call 919.587.3152 to speak with our Financial Counselor. A representative will ask you about your insurance and the medical procedure in question, then provide you with an estimate of the procedure’s cost, as well as payment options.

Patient Payment Policy

Upon receipt of your bill indicating a patient balance due, you are expected to make payment in full within 30 days. If you are having difficulty paying the balance in full, we do have payment options available. We request that you contact the Wayne Health Physician Billing Office at 919.587.3128 to establish a payment plan on your account. The payment plan options are detailed below:

Balance & Terms of Payment

Less Than $100 – Payment in full within 30 days

$100 to $250 – 3 months

$250 or more – 6 months

Payment of the scheduled amount must be made by the established due date each month for the account to be considered current and to avoid external collection activity. Other payment plans or options can only be considered after completion of a Financial Declarations or Wayne Medical Assistance Application.