What Healthcare Should Be

We are an integrated group of physicians from a wide variety of specialties, collaborating and sharing technology for the most advanced patient care.

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What’s different about Wayne Health Physicians?

24 Doctors
8 Practices
14 Specialties

We are making a collective effort to improve the health of our community by providing state-of-the-art care throughout Wayne County. Read More

A Physician Group Focused on Your Health

At Wayne Health Physicians, the health of Wayne County is our priority. From providing technologically advanced care to offering specialists in a variety of medical fields, we strive to provide a clear focus on your health. That’s why we’ve brought together a team of 24 independent physicians, each with their own unique specialty, to serve your needs.

Whether you’re searching for a plastic surgeon in Goldsboro or an internal medicine doctor in Greenville, we can offer you a choice from the top physicians in our area. Our physicians are not only highly trained and experts in their field, they’re also passionate about providing community-focused medical services.

Meet our physicians, learn more about their individual practices and become a part of what we’re achieving for better health together.